PR: JTV Punch Battle 2 All Stars - TP, TP 2, and TPDLC edit

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PR: JTV Punch Battle 2 All Stars - TP, TP 2, and TPDLC edit

Post by KICHO on Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:13 am

at this point you have complete the first part.

1. decide which one to edit so open up one, of the charater id folder, (see here) (tp, tp2, or tpdlc)
2. once you open tpeditor and click open-scar-deletescar this will get rid of scar objects (or obj for short)
3. now then click on one of the tp files in the id folder start with tp, then tp 2,

Part 2: color
each tp has 8 different color objects (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Brown, Orange, and Black, White is the the test object and you can click yellow button to see the whole onject.)
1. select the yellow object and it willl open 4 parts the jtexture, ctexture, btexture and ftexture. j is the weapons f is fighting styles c is color choices (or coustumes) and b is height, and all body parts.
2. will start simple. color how you want with the texture, don't color outside the white line. or you screw up the model ingame (just hit open->reset model)
3. once your done hit save

part 3: fighting style
1. fighting style is how you edit fighting moves, you can use the fighting style edit, Edit->Styles (6 is regular, 298 - big damage and 4 is small damage)
2. once your done hit save,

part 4: highth
1. the height is how tall the charater can get each charater has default highth
Darker is 15, Taiga is 9, and finn is 12, you can see all the defaluts of the fighters in options-default info-fighters.
2. RECOMMAND: default of the height to 100 is safe. any smaller or bigger then 100 will cause huge mess always hit -rest model in open oprion
3. once your done hit save

part 5: weapon editing
1. find a weapon obj and import.
2. set that weapon obj to 98 (taiga and surmuri are 69) then change f=z (58) and rt=x (79)
3. thats it hit save.


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