PR: mods tools are now out

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PR: mods tools are now out

Post by KICHO on Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:34 am

1. Download KICHO's TP editor ( and on that site download ff2tp converter and KICHO Command (Update, not optional)
2. Download this packageĀ  (On attachments) and place it or make file (RKIN)
3. dump your Disk or digital with our new app KICHOapp now out on Gamestation 4. (NOTE: Only works on first party games)
4. copy all of the files you dump in hardrive or a 64gb SD Card and find JTV.ff and JTV.tpdata (in your dump folder) and open ff2tp coventer. and it will convert 3 files
5. now wait for it to convert, and jtvdata.tpcon(place the tpcon files with the dump of your files and the rar file
now open up your tpcon file.
6. now unpack all the files in the rar file.
7. openĀ  KCommand and type(the disconary of where you put game folder)/(gameid)>(game)data=mergefiles this will merge ever data of the big file and create the ones in the pack that i made.

that's it. now enjoy editing the files with the tp editor.

data files are

JTVdata (JTVPunchBattle2)
MrCdata (MrCyber)
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